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Destinations . . . . Cultures . . . . Experiences . . . . Are You Globally Curious?

Then Let Us Satisfy Your Curiosity and Travel Effortlessly!

At CruiseOne we provide our clients with excellent customer service and the best value for all their travel needs, while exceeding their expectations, and we look forward to doing that for you. With so many extraordinary destinations around the world, there is no doubt that we will find you the perfect vacation choice. We specialize in planning memorable Milestone Celebrations for you and your family & friends on land or sea!

We having been serving the Coachella Valley for over 20 years and we look forward to assisting and planning your next dream vacation!

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Ocean Cruises

River Cruises

Small Ship Cruises

World Cruises

Shore Excursions

Customized Land Itineraries

Land Vacations & All Inclusive Resorts

International Air

Private Yachts

Private Jets

Private Villas

Private Touring

Milestone Celebrations

Group Travel

Golf Trips

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