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This morning “Dr. H” spoke about the current state of the exciting world of stem cell research. Stem Cell therapy is quickly becoming mainstream and patients are experiencing great results for a wide variety of conditions including auto immune diseases, stroke, arthritis, tendon tears, joint and ligament issues and much more. Dr. Hashimoto told a story about a surgeon who was experiencing severe sciatica and opted for stem cell therapy instead of going under the knife. He had great results immediately.

Find out more about Desert Medical Care at their member page.

Desert Medical Care
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Save Your Life for $20

Steve Kaufer of Maximum Security gave an informative and thought provoking talk about home fires and the importance of having smoke detectors in your hallway and bedrooms. With today’s building materials, the flashpoint of a fire happens within 3-4 min. from the time you smell smoke. Save your life for $20.

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Interstate Battery is more than just Batteries

Is your phone screen cracked?

Need a car or phone charger?

Interstate Batteries has batteries for most devices and vehicles but also offers a great deal of related products and services including battery recycling.

Visit Interstate Battery across from Costco and Home Depot in Rancho Mirage.

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PBA Tours Brandini Toffee

Many thanks to Brandon “Brandini” Weimer for an informative tour at the new Rancho Mirage Toffee Shop and Factory. The tour began with their tasty toffee and toffee popcorn. At the end of the tour we sampled the toffee shakes! If you haven’t tried this, a trip to Brandini Toffee is highly recommended.

Interested in finding out more about the PBA? You can meet us for breakfast every Thur. at 7am. RSVP Here.

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It’s More Than Business

The PBA is not only about business and the exchange of leads. Gerry Dobbins of Precision Heating and Air spoke about a recent trip he made with his son on the aircraft carrier, John C. Stennis CVN-74. It was a 5 day trip of a lifetime from Honolulu to San Diego and at the end he received the last of the American flags that had been flown on the carrier. It was a great story told by a proud father. Visit the PBA on Thursday morning at 7am, you’ll get a lead, learn something new and always have a good time.

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Website Design and More

Alt9 Design gave a presentation on the anatomy of a responsive website and examples of the latest features available. Alt9 provides a variety of online services including website development and redesign, web maintenance, online forms, ecommerce websites, enewsletter campaigns and more. Call Justin Post at (760) 831-9108 and find out how Alt9 can help boost your online game.

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Call the Blind Lady

She’s known as “The Blind Lady” and has been in the business of window coverings and interior design for the past 36 years. Blinds Etc. in Palm Desert also sells a wide variety of shutters, shades, custom pillows, draperies, bedding and more. You can also call on them for repair work.

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Interested in Solar? Call Renova.

Michael Cordero with Renova Solar updated us with the latest on what is happening in the solar industry and what to look for when purchasing solar panels. Solar panel “fade”, or decrease in efficiency over time, should be on your list of questions when speaking to a solar salesman. When purchasing solar panels, be sure that you get 10% more than you expect to need. The last thing you want to do is obsess over the thermostat because your system isn’t producing enough solar power.

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Postnet Has Everything for Print

If you’ve been to Postnet in Palm Desert then you have likely met Richard. Whether you need a promotional item, business cards or banner, they can deliver. Their quality, service, price and lead time is the best in the valley. Find out more at and see why they’ve won multiple awards for top producing store in the country.

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